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An Ugly Proposal

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are always known as the highlight of the year. The eggnog is flowing, cookies crunched, presents opened, and good times all around. But for Dana, this was no average ugly Christmas sweater party. Like an average party, a contest was held for the ugliest sweater. Dana won by unanimous vote, but I think it may have been rigged. For the unveiling of her prize she was blindfolded. Then she waited. And waited. And almost hit over the tree. I won't ruin the ending, watch the video to find out what happened next. 

Congratulations Jonathan and Dana! We've never met, but I love your proposal. I hope your wedding included some ugly Christmas sweaters and festive cheer. 

Written by Jack McCarthy — August 05, 2013

Golf Ugly Sweaters

It's the season for driving ranges, sand bunkers, and mulligans. Whether or not you have a Country Club membership, you will enjoy this collection of gaudy golf sweaters. These garments drive a wedge between beauty and ugly, making the distinction very clear. Maybe golf isn't for you. If you are more of a person into swinging nightclubs, just put some lights out on the course when you go to tee up. 


Funny Golf Sweater

Join the Club(s)! carries a full set in a beautifully patterned bag.


Ugly Golf Sweater

Be sure to bring your irons, just in case the sweater gets a little wrinkled.


Hideous Golf Sweater

Earn your bread and putter with this perfected swing of a sweater


Hideous Golf Sweater

 A knit creation with excellent fore-sight. 


Funny Sport Sweater

 The end. To wrap it up we present to you a sweater modeled on a golf cart, threw you off a little didn't we?


Order two sweaters, just in case you get a hole in one. 

Written by Jack McCarthy — July 17, 2013

The Secret to Naming an Ugly Christmas Sweater

The ugly sweaters are so unique it is difficult giving them a personality to match. From Plane Jane to Vibrant Vicky, these sweaters range in all sorts of ugliness. But that does not stop the team of devoted elves here at UltimateUglyChristmas.com. They take this job as seriously as crafting Santa's naught and nice list. But just how do they do it?

Puns. We think we are very punny here. So fashion your seat belts and get ready for some of our favorite Christmas puns. 

A Midnight Santa-sy



Beary Christmas

Vestival of Lights

Santa Claws

But even we, the elves of the North Pole, can only take so much of this brand of humor. So, we honor those who have made the "Nice" list for over 60 years in the row. These senior citizens know that Santa is always watching.









The names will forever be honored in our Ugly Archives. But, our naming is only a small part of the personality of each sweater. The rest is up to you. Make the ugly sweaters yours! 

Written by Jack McCarthy — May 14, 2013

Purrfect: Taylor Swift Ugly Cat Sweater

America's sweetheart has more outfits than ex-boyfriends, but one takes the cat-nip. Her Ugly Cat Sweater deserves one of her 7 grammys.  

Fab Sugar reports how Taylor Swift rocked an ugly polka dot cat sweater in London. Onlookers are stunned by her fashion choice. 

Her cat closet doesn't stop there. WWTaylorW shows the feline fan rocking a cat face...just like one of the ugly sweaters we have here. 

We may not have the vocal talents of Taylor, but we have similar respect for cat apparel. We take it a step farther by turning the cat love unisex and rocking the grandma version.

Cat Face! offers a cute little kitty peering out.

Purrfect is just that, a perfect ugly cat sweater. 

The ugly cat offerings do not stop there. We take it a step farther than even Taylor does. Our Ugly Cat Sweaters collection has sweaters with more cats than a cat lady!

Ugly Cat Sweaters give you one opportunity to become more like Taylor Swift without expensive vocal lessons, expensive red carpet dresses, or drama!



Written by Jack McCarthy — March 08, 2013

How did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Start?

'Twas the Night Before Finals

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties originated like the Post-it note: by accident. No, a 3M scientist was not goofing around in a lab, but the birth of the legendary Ugly Christmas Party tradition was one big fat accident. It started with elementary education teachers. They began sporting the sweaters like it was their job. This had a trickle down effect...slowly but surely infecting soccer moms, soccer grandmoms, art and music teachers, retired people, volunteers, PTA-goers, thrift store shoppers and the racks of Kohl's department store. Ugly Christmas Sweater Fever (as it is clinically referred to) had reached epidemic proportions.

No one died, fortunately, but this huge mass of people were really really ridiculously confused. For some reason, they thought they looked good. Really good. Super stylish. Cute as a button. Hollidazzlin. But no, they were sadly mistaken. 

They looked hideous. For a long time, the non-Ugly Christmas sweater wearers remained in the closet. No one wanted to make the first move to alert these sad souls of their super sad situation. 

A flip switched somewhere around 2007. Many attribute it to white people*. White people and their undying thirst for theme parties. One college co-ed sported a said sweater to a regular Christmas party. Everyone loved "Ugly Sweater Guy." Next thing you know, people are calling their elementary education teachers, their soccer moms and their local thrift stores in search of a sweater to wear to the next party. They know they've seen em...now they must track them down. 

Our mission is to do the tracking down for you. We track down only the ugliest. Our mission is to make you the hit of the party by providing you with a conversation-starting, tantalizingly tacky, ridiculously UGLY Christmas sweater. Check back regularly for more of this merriment.

*Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are now ranked #118 on Stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

Written by Jack McCarthy — February 23, 2013

"Arthur Christmas" Brings Ugly Christmas Sweaters to the Big Screen

Hollywood is just like you--they love ugly Christmas sweaters! One movie, Arthur Christmas, took this love to the next level with the main character daunting an ugly Christmas sweater on the cover and throughout the movie. This 3D comedy was released in 2011, receiving praise from critics. The box office wasn't as kind, earning only $147 million for the $100 million budget (Source)

Without ruining any endings of the movie, we'll set up the quick game play. Arthur, the one with an ugly Christmas sweater, is the younger son of Santa Claus. With the setting of December 24th, the North Pole is hopping. The command center of Christmas is huge, high-tech, and bustling. Trials and tribulations ensue. Watch the movie to find out! For the full experience, wear an ugly Christmas sweater to the showing. 

There's even an app for that! Arthur Christmas: Elf Run is available on iPhone and Android. Unfortunately, it is only available in Ireland. If you don't have the luck of the Irish, the video is still available worldwide.

Remember: Popcorn and Ugly Christmas Sweaters necessary.

Written by Jack McCarthy — February 17, 2013

Big Tree Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Each town has an official tree, most houses have their own, and some of our ugly Christmas sweaters feature their own large evergreens. So large that they take over the whole sweater. The creme of the evergreen crop from the Christmas tree sellers. Typically the trees for the White House or New York City, these trees are coming to an ugly Christmas sweater near you. You won't even need to buy a tree for the year, just have the ugly sweater proudly displayed. You do not need to water it, it never sheds, and set-up is simple. Also, the sweater can easily me moved from room-to-room or party-to-party. We'd like to share with you our collection of some of the best trees in town.

 Ugly Christmas Sweaters   Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

 Ugly Christmas Sweaters   Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

 Ugly Christmas Sweaters   Ugly Christmas Sweaters 


Just place a train set and some presents at your feet, and you are no different than the evergreen in your living room. We recommend wearing a tree skirt with one of these ugly Christmas sweaters, it will flow perfectly. Unless you are a male, then it might not be the best choice. Stick with jeans.

Written by Jack McCarthy — February 03, 2013

Just Claus--Santa Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We bring together the "Claus" collection with all sorts of greatness from the guy in the big red suit. He can visit every house in the world in one night...at the same time! He has great captain skills leading a whole army of elves. He is an reindeer whisper. The head honcho at the North Pole is also an impressive list maker. Better than all of those abilities, he makes for a great pattern on an extra ugly, ugly Christmas Sweater.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters  Ugly Christmas Sweaters  
Ugly Christmas Sweaters  Ugly Christmas SweatersUgly Christmas Sweaters   Ugly Christmas Sweaters  
Ugly Christmas Sweaters  Ugly Christmas Sweaters  

Why did we create this beautiful collection? Just Claus!

Written by Jack McCarthy — January 26, 2013

Bear Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These sweaters are bear-y ugly. I can hardly bear-it. Apart from being great for puns, they are just so cute. You could give these sweaters a big bear hug. If they won't on an ugly sweater, they would be great. Placing them on an article of clothing may have crossed the line a little bit. Enjoy our curated selection of some of our favorite Bear Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Ugly Christmas Sweater   Ugly Bear Sweater
Ugly Sweater   Bear Ugly Sweater
Ugly Sweater   Bears on Ugly Sweater

It's Teddy Time! These sweaters will provide comfort, joy, and excitement year-round.

Written by Jack McCarthy — January 20, 2013

Cat Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Here at UltimateUglyChristmas.com, we don't just have Ugly Christmas Sweaters, we have ugly cat sweaters as well! All sorts of ugly animal sweaters are available here, with more adding regularly. Some of the sweaters even combine an ugly animal sweater with an ugly christmas sweater. Just check out those stockings, presents, candy canes, snowflakes and more on the sweaters.

 Ugly Cat Sweater     Ugly Cat Sweater

 Ugly Cat Sweater     Ugly Sweater

 Ugly Christmas Sweater     Ugly Cat Sweater

Written by Jack McCarthy — January 11, 2013