Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Store

It's the season for driving ranges, sand bunkers, and mulligans. Whether or not you have a Country Club membership, you will enjoy this collection of gaudy golf sweaters. These garments drive a wedge between beauty and ugly, making the distinction very clear. Maybe golf isn't for you. If you are more of a person into swinging nightclubs, just put some lights out on the course when you go to tee up. 


Funny Golf Sweater

Join the Club(s)! carries a full set in a beautifully patterned bag.


Ugly Golf Sweater

Be sure to bring your irons, just in case the sweater gets a little wrinkled.


Hideous Golf Sweater

Earn your bread and putter with this perfected swing of a sweater


Hideous Golf Sweater

 A knit creation with excellent fore-sight. 


Funny Sport Sweater

 The end. To wrap it up we present to you a sweater modeled on a golf cart, threw you off a little didn't we?


Order two sweaters, just in case you get a hole in one. 

Written by Jack McCarthy — July 17, 2013