Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Store

Jack McCarthy, CEO of UltimateUglyChristmas.com
Think UltimateUglyChristmas.com is run by Santa's elves, multiple college graduates, a large corporation?

Wrong, Wrong, and I'm flattered, but you're wrong again. UltimateUglyChristmas.com is run by a high school senior who juggles running a business with high school, college applications, and soccer practice. He knows what the soccer moms and grade school teachers wear, because he's not far off from those years. 

It all started back in 2008 when his sister brought an Ugly Christmas Sweater with her home from college during break. Jack and his sister sold it on eBay, expecting to give it a new home for around $5. It turned into a heated bidding war with the end price of $50. That day a business was born, providing the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters to partiers around the world.

The "North Pole" or center of operations is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sweaters are stored, sorted, photographed, and sent from here. 

Family and Friends help out as models and extra employees. As Jack says, "Whoever I can make wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater, I do."

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party trend is moving from hipsters in college dorm rooms to the neighborhood party down the street. "People just seem to love outdoing each other in ugliness," McCarthy said. "The key is, you want something that's tacky in a good way. You don't want ugly like boring, you want something like a piece of art. Something that might look good if it weren't on a sweater. Like it might be a good Christmas decoration, but once you put it on yourself that's where it becomes ugly."

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UltimateUglyChristmas.com has been featured in the news all over the place including Egypt, Milwaukee, and Arizona just to name a few.

Any questions? Email us at UltimateUglyChristmas@gmail.com