Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Store


Shipping. Give me the deets. All domestic orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail, 2-3 days. They are sent out the day the order is made, or the day after. All orders from the US include FREE SHIPPING. 

I have a cool accent and possibly speak multiple languages. Can I get a sweater too?
Yes! We ship all over the world. Price depends on weight of sweater and location, but you can expect around $10-$16 for USPS First Class (slow) or $35-$50 for USPS Priority Mail (6-10 business days). 


Men's? Women's? What gives?
All of our sweaters are "unisex" and can be enjoyed by both genders. They were originally designed for women, but they also were designed to be beautiful. 

Sizing? I want to make sure it fits my disproportionate arms.
Size listed is generally what the tag displays. We try to mention when this is not accurate. But don't worry about the fit! With the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme, showing off some belly or wearing it as a dress is a plus. You aren't trying to look fashionable and have it fit perfectly. Quite the opposite actually, it's meant to be ugly and funny. If you like the look on the sweater don't worry about the size. Sizes listed are estimations or the sizes given on the tag. The tags generally give lower sizes than reality. 

Do you steal these sweaters from grandmas?
No. It may seem like it, but we promise we wait until they are ready to give them up.

Are these sweaters used? 
Yes. They come from those grade school teachers and soccer moms that you remember seriously wearing this hideous things since the 80s. Feel the history when you put it on.

Do you offer returns?
Unfortunately since our sweaters are one-of-a-kind, a seasonal item, and generally meant for use at one event we do not offer returns. We will refund your purchase for problems in shipping or serious problems with the sweater.

More Questions? Email UltimateUglyChristmas@gmail.com