Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Store

The ULTIMATE Guide to Half Christmas. 

Definition: Half Christmas is traditionally celebrated on June 25th, 6 months after Santa came down the chimney and 6 months before he will again. Why? Because people want more holidays, gifts, and parties. Workaholics on Comedy Central made this tradition famous by going on strike after their boss wouldn't allow a vacation day for it.

Throwing a Party: Crank up the AC, get some drinks flowing, turn on Comedy Central, and party it up! 

Dress Code: Ugly Christmas Sweaters are a must! If you aren't hardcore enough to sweat it out in wool for the sake of a theme, try a vest or cut off the sleeves! 

Decorations: The tree is the most important, so dig out the artificial tree from storage or grab a big branch from outside. Decorate it with empty bottles, a string of lights, and what ever other random things you have lying around the house.